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AboutHello. Thanks for taking the time to explore my blog, a journal documenting snippets of my life.

Since the birth of my youngest son, I have felt the need to explore various avenues in order to try and improve my mental well-being. Sleep deprivation had made my conversational skills at times tantamount to those of a 1 year old, sentences often constructed with minimal or no context! I wanted to try and remember and recall the art of thinking, reading and writing, having been an avid reader since my childhood and enjoying English at school (well apart from the endless critiquing of Pride & Prejudice- perhaps a topic for a future post!).

At New Year 2018 I set myself a few goals for the year, not resolutions, but trying to seek out new opportunities to learn something different or push my boundaries a little.

Social media isn’t for some, but I really love Instagram, what a fantastic community to explore many different creative avenues. I stumbled across the page of @abookishbaker, Helen is a fantastic blogger, vlogger and all round creative genius with a beautiful way with words and pictures to create stories. I found myself signing up for her first e-blogging course. This proved to be a huge learning curve into the wondrous web of ways & means to provide content for social media platforms, of which I have so far only scratched the surface. I started to try and think a little more carefully about what I was writing and thinking about different descriptive words to say the same thing, aiming to fire up some dusty corners of the brain!

Growing up, a spirit of adventure was fostered within us. Holidays camping in France, bike rides around the Southern Lake District, weekend mystery tours in the car venturing into the depths of the Lake District, walks & picnics, our parents kept us active! This essence of adventure has been with me ever since, at times waxing & waning according to life pressures, but having being increasingly re-awoken, especially since meeting my husband.

I live still, in the Southern Lake District, and so it seems natural that most of my writing falls around my thoughts and experiences of daily life as a woman, wife, mum, physio (my day job!).

Intertwining the elements described above-my spirit of adventure and need to be outside in nature, and also attempting to harness some brain power has resulted in this page you are reading- my foray into the world of journalling. Words to serve as memories of moments, days, and experiences.

Thank you again for your time, and welcome.